GSD-Verpackungen Gerhard Schürholz GmbH

GSD-Verpackungen Gerhard Schürholz GmbH
Gsd Drolshagen
Stadt: Hamburg-Nord
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GSD packaging packaging industry from Drolshagen offers range of services which covers special packaging and special processing as well as unusual formats and print images. The product range includes paper bags as well as pleated bags and view strip bags. In addition, bags with block bottoms and cross bottoms are also produced. There is a design department ready for the pack design. Realized from a hand are the repro and lithographs as well as the printing plate production and production preparation. Delivered is on the one hand with its own fleet and on the other hand with regional forwarding partners.

There is a high-bay warehouse available. Upon request, the respective goods will be made available to the clients on call. It is produced with more than 50 machines in the 'inline' process. In this respect, the respective material is inserted and the finished product including the pressure and the folding as well as the gluing and the cutting can be removed. For printed images 8 pre-printed colors are available and flexographic printing process is used.


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